Girls Under 14 Premier 2019 Season

Competition:3767  Match:361933  LCDL

Venue: Holycross

Referee: Ryan McCann

Kelsey Reeves, Amy Tierney and Rebecca Shinnors show class scoring twice each as Aisling Annacotty take all points from Holycross.
2nd placed Holycross were comprehensively beaten at home by League leaders Aisling Annacotty at Holycross at 3:30 pm

Form: W W L W

Aisling Annacotty has yet to be beaten in this competition, having won every game.
Form: W W W W

Scorers: (Aisling Annacotty) Kelsey Reeves (2), Robyn McDarby, Amy Tierney (2), Zoe Reeves-Wasik, Rebecca Shinnors (2), Siobhan McMahon

Current League Position
1Aisling Annacotty44001601612

This competition head to head
28/04/19 3:30 pmHolycross05Aisling AnnacottyHolycross

Club Fixture History
07/07/19 6 pmAisling Annacotty70HolycrossGirls Under 12 Premier 2019 Season
25/11/18Aisling Annacotty30HolycrossGirls Under 16 Premier 2018 Extended Season
20/04/18 6:15 pmHolycross07Aisling AnnacottyGirls U16 Premier Cup 2018
07/01/18 4:30 pmAisling Annacotty70HolycrossGirls Under 16 Premier 2017/18
12/03/17Aisling Annacotty22HolycrossGirls under 16 Premier 2016/2017
12/02/17 2:30 pmHolycross50Aisling AnnacottyGirls under 16 Premier 2016/2017
02/10/16 1 pmAisling Annacotty04HolycrossGirls under 12 Premier 2016/2017
01/11/15 2:30 pmHolycross40Aisling AnnacottyLCDUL Girls Under 16 2015/2016
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Holycross21Aisling AnnacottyGirls under 12 Premier 2016/2017
Aisling Annacotty02HolycrossGirls under 12 Premier 2016/2017

Recent Results in this competition
16/06/19 10 amHolycross62Knockainey
09/06/19 12 pmHolycross50Limerick Belles
28/04/19 3:30 pmHolycross05Aisling Annacotty
07/04/19 4 pmRegional United05Holycross
Aisling Annacotty
16/06/19 2 pmRegional United03Aisling Annacotty
13/06/19 7 pmLimerick Belles03Aisling Annacotty
07/06/19 7 pmAisling Annacotty50Knockainey
28/04/19 3:30 pmHolycross05Aisling Annacotty
Referee Statistics
Ryan McCann16655

HolycrossAisling Annacotty
Alana Griffin1
Anna Mulcahy2
Annaliese Hogan3
Ciara Ryan4
Lillian Hogan1
Michaela Cumes8
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Amy Tierney3
Kelsey Reeves6
Lauren Conway2
Libby Costello4
Patrycja Nedza1
Rebecca Shinnors3
Robyn McDarby1
Siobhan McMahon1
Zoe Reeves-Wasik1
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