Under 12 Div 1 2017/2018

Competition:2450  Match:171982  LCDL

Referee: Martin Carew

Castle United beaten by Pallas United.
4th placed Castle United were comprehensively beaten at home by League leaders Pallas United at Martinstown at 11 am

Castle United
Form: L L W L W D L W W W W

Pallas United has yet to be beaten in this competition, having won 11 out of its last 12 games.
Form: W W W D W W W W W W W W

Current League Position
1Pallas United1211104864234
4Castle United116142220219

This competition head to head
09/12/17 11 amCastle United05Pallas UnitedMartinstown
15/05/18 6:45 pmPallas United30Castle United

Club Fixture History
15/09/18 2:30 pmPallas United04Castle UnitedBoys Under 14 Div 1 2018 Extended Season
11/05/18 6:45 pmPallas United41Castle UnitedBoys U14 Premier Cup 2018
09/12/17 1 pmPallas United03Castle UnitedUnder 14 Div1 2017/2018
25/03/17 12:30 pmPallas United00Castle UnitedUnder 11 Group2 2016/2017 LCDUL

Recent Results in this competition
Castle United
15/05/18 6:45 pmPallas United30Castle United
09/05/18 7 pmCastle United01Croom United
04/04/18 6:30 pmCastle United42Herbertstown B
31/03/18 11 amCroom United31Castle United
19/03/18 2 pmCastle United21Murroe B
03/02/18 11 amKnockainey22Castle United
Pallas United
21/05/18 7:30 pmPallas United31Croom United
15/05/18 6:45 pmPallas United30Castle United
09/05/18 6:30 pmKnockainey16Pallas United
31/03/18 11 amHerbertstown B11Pallas United
19/03/18 12:30 pmPallas United21Knockainey
03/02/18 1:30 pmPallas United30Holycross B
Referee Statistics
Martin Carew4211

Castle UnitedPallas United
Aaron Doherty-Lyons4
Aidan Carroll2
Bailey McAuliffe2
Evan Lowe1
Michael Barry1
Sean Carroll3
Shane Tracey3
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Alan Tobin1
Aoron Murphy ryan1
Callum wallace2
Edward franklin7
Niall mc Namara1
Niall Mcnamara2
Padraic Phelan2
Rory thierney2
Scott ryan Coleman22
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