Boys Under 15 Premier 2018 Extended Season

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Stephen Walsh displays great form with hat trick as Charleville AFC claim victory against Kilfrush Crusaders.
Kilfrush Crusaders were beaten at home by Charleville AFC at Elton Sportsfield at 6:30 pm

Kilfrush Crusaders has yet to win in this competition, having lost all 2 games.
Form: L L

Charleville AFC has yet to be beaten in this competition, having won every game.
Form: W W

Stephen Walsh moves to top scorer in this competition after scoring 3 times in this game taking the player's total scores to 5 goals.

Scorers: (Charleville AFC) Stephen Walsh (3), Dion Curtin, Chris Trifinov

Current League Position
2Charleville AFC220011296
8Kilfrush Crusaders200218-70

This competition head to head
12/09/18 6:30 pmKilfrush Crusaders15Charleville AFCElton Sportsfield

Club Fixture History
24/05/18 7 pmCharleville AFC20Kilfrush CrusadersBoys U16 Premier Cup 2018
02/05/18 6:30 pmKilfrush Crusaders16Charleville AFCUnder 16 Premier 2017/2018
24/02/18 2 pmCharleville AFC50Kilfrush CrusadersUnder 16 Premier 2017/2018
30/03/17 6:30 pmKilfrush Crusaders21Charleville AFCUnder 15 Premier 2016/2017 LCDUL
10/12/16 2:30 pmKilfrush Crusaders32Charleville AFCUnder 16 Premier 2016/2017 LCDUL
03/12/16 2:30 pmCharleville AFC54Kilfrush CrusadersUnder 15 Premier 2016/2017 LCDUL
09/11/16 1:51 pmCharleville AFC30Kilfrush CrusadersGirls under 14 premier 2016-2017
24/09/16 11 amKilfrush Crusaders00Charleville AFCUnder 11 White 2016/2017 LCDUL
03/09/16 3:30 pmCharleville AFC41Kilfrush CrusadersUnder 16 Premier 2016/2017 LCDUL
Kilfrush Crusaders27Charleville AFCGirls under 14 premier 2016-2017

Recent Results in this competition
Kilfrush Crusaders
12/09/18 6:30 pmKilfrush Crusaders15Charleville AFC
08/09/18 2:30 pmKilfrush Crusaders03Cullen
Charleville AFC
12/09/18 6:30 pmKilfrush Crusaders15Charleville AFC
08/09/18 2:30 pmCharleville AFC61Kilmallock United
Referee Statistics
Noel Maguire9324

Kilfrush CrusadersCharleville AFC
Chris Trifinov1
Dion Curtin2
Jake Quirke1
Jamie Ryan1
Matt MCormack1
Mikie Mortell1
Shane O Riordan1
Stephen Walsh5
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