Aisling Annacotty 4 - 3 Charleville AFC

Venue: Gortboy

Referee: Mark Kennedy

Aisling Annacotty despatch Charleville AFC.
Aisling Annacotty marginally won 4-3 against their visitors, Charleville AFC at Gortboy at 6 pm

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

Laoise Ni Aodha moves to top scorer in this competition after scoring in this game taking the player's total scores to 7 goals.

Scorers: (Aisling Annacotty) Laoise Ni Aodha,Laoise Ni Aodha (pen),Emma Costelloe (pen),Sarah Cleary (pen)
(Charleville AFC) Tara O'Sullivan, Nadine White (pen), Gabby O'Keeffe (pen)

Aisling Annacotty U16 Girls are League Cup Winners for 2nd Straight Year
Aisling Annacotty v Charleville AFC
Aisling Annacotty U16 Girls retain League Cup
U16 Girls Cup 20/05 18:00
Aisling Annacotty 4 - 3 Charleville AFC
The Aisling Annacotty girls won the U16 League Cup final 3-2 on penalties. Game finished 1-1 after extra time with Tara O'Sullivan scoring 1st for Charleville and Laoise Ni Aodha equalised in the 2nd half for Aisling Annacotty. Penalty scorers for Aisling Annacotty were Sarah Cleary, Emma Costelloe and Laoise Ni Aodha. Nadine White and Gabby O'Keeffe scored in the shootout for Charleville. Aisling Annacotty also won the cup last year.
21/05/2018 15:28
This competition head to head
20/05/18 6 pmAisling Annacotty43Charleville AFCGortboy

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Referee Statistics

Aisling AnnacottyCharleville AFC
Alicia O'Callaghan2
Emma Costelloe3
Laoise Ni Aodha7
Nessa Kelly1
Sarah Cleary2
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Alma Walmsley1
Caitlin O Brien3
Gabby O'Keeffe1
Jane Foley1
Nadine White6
Tara O'Sullivan1
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