Parkville 2 - 4 Murroe

Venue: Tubber

Referee: James Galvin

Brace of goals for Katie Keays as Murroe despatch Parkville.
Parkville were beaten at home by Murroe at Tubber at 1 pm

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

Katie Keays moves to top scorer in this competition after scoring twice in this game taking the player's total scores to 2 goals.

Scorers: (Murroe) Abi O Mahoney, Katie Keays (2), Julia Bubula

This competition head to head
26/07/20 1 pmParkville24MurroeTubber

Club Fixture History
26/05/19 2 pmMurroe40ParkvilleGirls Under 12 Division 1 2019 Season

Recent Results in this competition
26/07/20 1 pmParkville24Murroe
26/07/20 1 pmParkville24Murroe
Referee Statistics
James Galvin57251022

Abi O Mahoney1
Julia Bubula1
Katie Keays2
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