UL pre Kennedy cup blitz

In preparation for the UL Pre Kennedy Cup Blitz and final squad selection we held a very successful training camp at Murroe AFC who done their utmost to facilitate us.

Our idea is to give all of our players as many possible methods to learn our playing systems but also to discover themselves more as players also.

The day started with a classroom session where we looked at clubs that play with the same formations and strategies as us. We saw the opportunities and threats of the systems on the big screen supplied by our coordinator Pat Halpin. Our RDO Conor Nestor was with us to advise the players even further and the players were like sponges again for new information that he was able to give us, to help improve.

Once clear on the objective we wanted to achieve, the squad got through their warm up with the help of some hailstones to get them moving a bit faster , then into a very tactical hour of football phases, 9v9 and 11v11 games.

Results were very positive, as the team finished for lunch buzzing off each other on what they had just achieved as per what they had seen in the classroom that morning.

Lunchtime the lads eat and drank their pre organised lunches. This is a great opportunity to see the positive lifestyle effects we as coaches can have on our developing teenagers. We saw pasta, chicken, fruit, milk yogarts and plenty water.

After lunch we went back in for another classroom session and watched videos of our own team playing in previous development games Vs other counties. Here players got to watch themselves in action in their working units and teams. I am a huge believer in this method and it was of huge benefit to the players as I discovered later that week in UL Vs SDSL, CLARE & N.TIPP.

After the videos the players were grouped into their units,,, gks , defs, mids + fwds. The task for each group.. "what do the other 3 units need to work on from watching them video clips?" We designed an appropriate corrective training session TOGETHER before heading back out onto the pitch to implement it. The lads topped up energy and hydration again with fruit and healthy snacks we provided for them before the start of the training practice.

It was amazing to watch how eager the players were to learn the quickest and show the best, what better skills or strategies they had all come up with as a group, while I found myself taking a backseat, sometimes refereeing, sometimes correcting a specific coaching point. All in all a fantastic learning environment that hopefully we can do more and more of.

The day finished with excellent feedback from the players as it was clear they enjoyed learning how to play the game.

The squad performed outstandingly on that Friday v South Dublin District League then both Clare and N.Tipp on Saturday.

They always played to our possession based game but we're prepared also to play direct to our quick forwards.

We saw from our U14 Limerick County Team, fast attacking combinations, good support play, outstanding goalkeeping , last ditch defending , key midfield battles, accurate passing , endless running from fullbacks, tactical switches , encouragement from the sidelines and great fair play by all teams.

3 of our lads Stephen O Dwyer, Aidan Carew and Eoin Madigan were unfortunate to pick up very early injuries but attended on our bench for the whole tournament with professionalism and discipline. Well done boys.

Goals were scored , goals were conceded , games won and lost. These lads know that they are in the middle of a very enjoyable process called PLAYER DEVELOPMENT and are aware they are getting to a stage where competing is important but just as much as enjoyment.

Great week for all involved . Thanks to Murroe AFC for facilitating us to train as always and SDSL for organising and inviting a great 2 days of football but most importantly the players seen in the squad picture, taken during our easter training camp by our up and coming coach Andrew Kennedy .

"Our league is progressing faster and faster as we try to make it more and more enjoyable for our players to learn our game. We are not far off it being like this across the board as the majority of our club coaches now have the same mentality. The players will want to stay together , play together for longer and in turn our league benefits year after year."

11/04/2016 18:12