Good morning all. Having completed the end of season review workshops with all 32 leagues the PDP Steering group would like to take this opportunity to thank all leagues for their input into these workshops and for their assistance in the implementation of Recommendations 1 and 2 of the FAI Player Development Plan.

In overall terms feedback from the workshops was very positive and the points raised were largely those already communicated to the PDP steering group throughout the season. The attached document summarises the key points raised.

One issue that was raised by a small number of leagues in Workshop feedback was that some “trophy” element was required at U11 to assist with grading for the following U12 season as well as helping in the transition to “trophy” football with accompanying league tables. With this in mind the following will be piloted in season 2016/17 …….

Under 11

While Leagues can keep their own records in terms of results / league tables for U12 grading purposes, the publication of League Tables is not allowed at this age level and leagues / clubs are not permitted to post results from these matches on to any website, social media platform or newspaper.

However for season 2017/18 Under 11s will be allowed play in one trophy event lasting a maximum of six weeks – this event can only take place following completion of the league season and must be structured in a manner that ensures teams each play a minimum of three games. This event, coupled with results in league matches, will assist the league in the grading of teams for the following U12 season. The winners of these events can be published and trophies can be presented. Entry to this event, which will be monitored by FAI staff, will be on the basis of a team having fulfilled all of its fixtures during the league season. The event must be run in accordance with the playing format outlined in the Player Development Plan (ie 7v7, roll on/off substitutions, minimum game time, correct pitch/goal size etc.)

It is important to clarify the following.….

The FAI Player Development Plan is FAI Board approved policy since October 2014. As such the playing format for all matches, at all age levels, must be in line with the Player Development Plan booklet and there are no exceptions to this. The role and responsibility of each league is to implement and promote the Player Development Plan and ensure local compliance at all age levels. If a club or a group of clubs are non-compliant then this issue should be dealt with by the league in the first instance and if required the matter brought to the attention of the FAI for resolution.

The PDP Steering Group is available to do club/coach workshops and if this is required by your league please contact us at to make arrangements. FAI Development Officers are also available to support leagues where required.

Coach / Parent Education Workshop.

It is widely agree that educating coaches and parents on the components and benefits of the Player Development Plan, along with their roles and responsibilities, is an important step. The plan for roll out is as follows…..

1) Development Officers will shortly be trained in delivery of the Workshop.

2) Development Officers will then deliver the Workshop to club representatives (the Workshop date / venue will be agreed / organised through league secretaries). Attendance at the Workshop will be

compulsory for each club Chairperson, Child Welfare Officer and Director of Coaching (or experienced underage Coach).

3) The club Child Welfare Officer, Director of Coaching or Chairperson will then deliver the Workshop to coaches within their club.

4) Coaches will then deliver the Workshop to the parents of each team they work with.

We want to make this as easy as possible to deliver at club level so the workshop presentation will be in the form of a video that can be played to parents. The coach, or whoever is delivering it, will be prompted to pause it and ask questions at certain points to engage the group. The video will also be available online.

We will be in touch in the coming weeks to make arrangements with you to deliver the Workshop to the club representatives. Finally, can you please forward this email and attachment to all league clubs no later than Friday 19th August, and confirm by return email when done

18/08/2016 15:24