Boys U-10 Small Side Game
Here you will information about the leagues guidelines for Under-10 games. Parents/guardians as well as coaches/managers are asked to read this documentation carefully.

Law Exceptions:

The law of the Game will apply with the following exceptions:

Law 1 - Field of Play

The field of play shall be rectangular. Maximum size 70 yards long x 50 yards wide (64 metres x 45 metres). (alternatively, one half of the normal pitch playing across the field).

A Centre Spot.

A Penalty Spot - 10 yards from the goal line.

The Goal: 6 feet high x 16 feet is recommended as the appropriate size for children.

Law 2 - The Ball size: 4

Law 3 - Team Panel & Substitutions

8-a-side. Teams must have a panel of 10 players before commencement of game otherwise they will concede points. No substitutions can be made in first half except in the event of injury. Two substitutes must be introduced at half time. Roll on roll off substitutions (with exception of subs introduced at half time, who can only be replaced in the event of injury) can take place after half time on half way line with permission of referee.

Law 4 - Duration of Game

Two x 20 minutes. Five minutes half-time break.

Law 5 - Offside

No offside rule

Law 6 - Free Kick

The opposition shall be at least six yards from the ball.

Law 7 - Penalty Kick

Penalties are taken from a mark 10 yards from the goal Iine. In the event of a penalty shoot out each team will take three penalties, if the sides are still level a sudden death shoot out will apply.

Law 8 - Throw-ins

Throw-ins shall be used for U-10s

Law 9 - Goal Kick

Goal kicks are taken from anywhere inside the penalty box

Code of Conduct:

1. Players and team managers must not question the referee’s decision.

2. When a free kick is awarded, the defending team must observe the compulsory six yards rule immediately.

3. Players must not attempt to steal ground when taking kick-ins or throw-in, or free kicks.

4. No coaching from the touchline during the actual play.

5. Team mates and adults in charge should give positive encouragement to players who make mistakes.

6. Players, team managers and match officials should shake hands before and after each game.

7. Above all, everyone, children and adults, should do their best to produce an exciting and enjoyable game.

It is recommended that the referees should remind all players and adults in charge of teams of the Small Sided Code of Conduct before the commencement of each match.

Adult Attitudes:

The following guidelines are suggested:

1. Reflected Glory: All adults in attendance must show by example that they are more concerned with the well-being of the child and the good of the game, than with satisfying their need for reflected glory.

2. Brain over Brawn: Players should be encouraged to display creative skill and discouraged from trying to win through primitive or violent means.

3. Fun First: Fun and skill should be higher priorities than winning. Adults should remember that when dealing with young people, tomorrow is more important than today. All research proves than an over emphasis on winning at an early age will reduce the numbers playing the game and will lower the ultimate standard of skill of most players.

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