Codes of Conduct
Here you will find the various Codes of Conduct that the Limerick County & District Underage League expect all of it's players, their parents/guardians, and all coaches/managers to adhere to at all times.

For Children:

- Do your best, have fun, play fairly, be punctual

- Improve and develop your skills

- Play by the rules, accept everyone in the group, let staff know if you cannot attend or will be late

- Respect opponents, they are partners in a sporting contest

- Shake hands before and after the match whoever wins

- Help opponents who are injured, put the ball out of play

- Accept apologies when they are offered

- Respect/support fellow team mates if they do well and if things go wrong

- Be modest in victory, gracious in defeat. BE A SPORT.

- Approach the Children's Officer with your concerns, don't be afraid to speak, do not lose your temper

- Do not cheat, use bad language, argue with officials, referees, coaches or other players

- Do not bully, tell lies, spread rumours, hurt an opponent

- Do not take banned performance enhancing substances

- Do not keep secrets if anyone has caused your harm

- Do not behave in any what that brings your League/Club into disrepute

- Be safe, make a complaint to your coach/parent if your are unhappy

Otherwise contact / text....

League Officer (087) 6628288 Eileen Irwin

National Officer (087) 9691422 Michael Lynam

You will be believed and treated in confidence, only those who need to know will know

Remember, we want you to play fair, have fun, develop your skills and above all, be happy, be safe.

For Parents/Guardians:

- Support/respect my league, club, coach, players, officials.

- Inform coaches of illness, injury, holidays, etc. Ensure punctuality.

- Make an effort to attend training and matches.

- Promote/encourage the principles of FAIR PLAY, participation, fun.

- Provide appropriate equipment/clothing/refreshments.

- Communicate mine and my child's concerns to relevant personnel, inform regarding any medical conditions.

- Learn and promote the rules of the game and policies of the league.

- Be a positive role model for all children.

- Do not engage in any unsportsmanlike conduct, refrain from coaching my child or others during matches or practice.

- Be aware that safety is my responsibility.

- I will advocate doing one's best comes before winning.

- I will promote skill and emotional development and the wellbeing of players.

- I will never insult players or league personnel, argue, shout or behave aggressively or harass another person.

- I will not encourage cheating, foul, dirty or violent play.

- I will praise and emphasise effort and skill and not ridicule any player.

- I will conduct myself as I expect my child to.

- AND you could..... help with transport, assist at training if requested, wash the kit, become a coach or referee, assist in administration, organisation of special events.

Remember, children are not little adults. Be realistic with your expectations. Standards of behaviour are as important as sporting performance. We want your child to be happy so that they can look forward to a life long involvement in sport, particularly our game.

For Coaches/Managers:

- Respect participants' rights, dignity and worth equally.

- Be positive, encourage and promote a sense of achievement.

- Welfare and enjoyment first, balanced with winning.

- Ensure the principles of FAIR PLAY and abiding by the rules.

- Recognize the development needs of each child.

- Plan and prepare sessions to suit the group's needs, age appropriate, inclusive in a fun and enjoyable way.

- Involve parents/guardians and league members in what they do.

- Be qualified and up-to-date with appropriate skills and knowledge.

- Display the right attributes in your role with young people.

- Be aware of proscribed behaviour in the F.A.I. Codes.

- Do not seek unfair advantage for yourself, your players or club.

- Be aware of safety/rules checks; first aid; liaise with parents/guardians.

- Abide with LCDUL team leaders agreement – fill in designate forms.

- Report your concerns / seek advice from League Children's Officer.

- Avoid over-training/coaching and emphasis on winning/competition.

- Be a role model...Promote our game.

Don’t forget – Soccer for children is about fun, participation, best effort and fair play in a safe and happy environment.

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