Tim Fitzgerald Memorial U11 ETP Tournament
Limerick County and District Under age League

The Tim Fitzgerald Memorial Under 11 Tournament


April 22nd 2017

Programme of Games

Series 1.

Limerick Countyv Limerick Desmond11.00am

Limk Co. Coltsv Limk Des. Colts11.00am

Limk Co. Fledgingsv Limk Des. Fledgings11.00am

Series 2.

Limerick Countyv Kerry12.15pm

Limk Co Coltsv Kerry Colts12.15pm

Limk. Co. Fledgingsv Kerry Fledgings12.15pm

Series 3.

Kerryv Limerick Desmond 1.30pm

Kerry Coltsv Limk. Des. Colts 1.30pm

Kery Fledgingsv Limk. Des. Fledgings 1.30pm


Each League will have three Panels.
Fixtures are as set out above. Thus every squad will have two matches.
Match Duration will be 2 x 25 minutes.
Team Size will be 7 x 7.
The games will be played on the All Weather Pitch in Charleville.

10/04/2017 14:25